The Pan de Vida
Church Window Story

Over 600 work-hours, by twenty three volunteers from a Phoenix, Arizona area stained glass club results in a small church's first stained glass window.

  It was not the best of times for a little mission church in the community of Surprise Arizona in September of 1993. The church was called Pan de Vida, which means, "Bread of Life".

Rev. Mitchell Eickmann struggled to provide food, clothing and a spritual life for local Hispanic farm workers. The small house, which was remodeled to provide a place for worship needed to feel more like a real church.

Pan de Vida Mission, 1993
Gene Ludtke, the treasurer of the church thought that maybe a little colored glass would do the trick. He approached the Stained Glass Club in neighboring Sun City West to see if it would be willing to make a stained glass window for the church.

Twenty-three enthusiastic volunteers leaped at the opportunity to become part of such a legacy. Lutheran Brotherhood would pay for all the material, and the club would provide the design and labor.

 Club President Bob Schneider, window

The club president, Bob Schneider, and Rev. Eickmann worked to come up with a concept for the window.

After much discussion and research, a design emerged showing how the congregation's life style blended with their religious beliefs, and production began.