By Bob Schneider, Sun City West, AZ


Using this technique will produce the illusion of the artwork's eyes "following" you as you move around in front of it.

Supplies and instructions to make "Follow-Me" eyes.

TOOLS AND SUPPLIES NEEDED, (not normally used for stained glass).

  1. Thin white plastic, such as a cover from a cottage cheese container.
  2. Two brown Teddy Bear Eyes, size 16mm (available from craft store).
  3. One grindstone (available from hardware store).
    It has a 1/4" shaft and a rounded point similar to the radius of the teddy bear eyes.
  4. An electric drill.


  1. Foil, assemble and solder the entire head, but do NOT foil or solder around the space you left open for the teddy bear eyes.
  2. Lay the artwork face down on a cushioned surface, such as a double thickness of bath towels, or similar. Leave a space under the eye openings for the next operation.
  3. With the drill and grindstone, slowly grind the eye openings to receive the teddy bear eyes, using the rounded point. Grind deep enough so that the teddy bear eyes will fit just about flush with the back side, but don't grind through to the front side.
  4. If the plastic teddy bear eyes have a "stem" on the back, snip it off with a wire cutter and file smooth and flat to remove any high spots.
  5. After you are satisfied with how the eyes fit, put them aside and complete foiling and soldering around the eye openings. Avoid foiling the ground surfaces that would keep the teddy bear eyes from fitting properly. Trim if necessary.
  6. Glue eyes in place. Use tiny amount of glue so it doesn't leak on front of eye ball.
  7. Cut two oval shapes from the thin white plastic (scissors work well for this). They should be large enough to just cover each eye opening on the back.
  8. Glue ovals in place with epoxy glue, and it's ready to patina and frame.

        Copyright © 1999
        Robert R. Schneider       
        All rights reserved

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