Tip of the Week

"Follow Me Eyes" by Bob Schneider

  Here is an easy way to give the illusion that the eyes of a stained glass figure are following you.

The eyes of the figure are set back from the plane of the face.
The 3-dimensional eye-balls, when seen through the hollow sockets, appear to always be looking at the observer.

This is a great technique for animals, dogs, cats, deer, and birds. A person's face will also work: Jesus, Einstein, Charles Manson, wizzards...well, ok.....not Charles Manson. :-)

  top frame   Here is a SIMULATION of how the eyes "appear" to follow a moving observer. The eyes are actually stationary, but always seem to be staring at an observer.

Instructions on how to create this effect are available.

  side frame animated dog eyes side frame  
  This technique and others are available in Bob Schneider's new pattern book, "A Dog Show in Stained Glass".

Included are 24 full size patterns and helpful hints. "Dog Show" can be purchased at your local retail stained glass store.


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